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Serving customers since 2016

With considerable focus placed on our diets nowadays, it may be easy to forget that skin is our largest organ and needs plenty of attention too. Our pores actually absorb whatever we put on them. A short break from synthetic chemicals widely used in personal care industry (like phthalates, parabens, triclosan, oxybenzone, etc.) can quickly reduce levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the body. Women in general tend to use more personal care products and are at a higher risk for exposure to unhealthy ingredients.

Thankfully, the organic botanical world so generously provides an abundance of healthy and naturally aromatic oils and butters that we can use directly on our body, hair and skin. We only use natural, organic ingredients at Kai's Natural Boutique in crafting our products. It's such an empowering experience to experiment with different combinations to create just the right product for your specific skin and  hair care needs!